About us

We are an association that works to contribute to the application of people’s rights from the point of view of the Gospel. We do this through public awareness and political advocacy to create public sensibility, through educational activities, publications, lectures and conferences, interventions in the media, etc.

Today, in Justicia i Pau of Barcelona we have the support of about 450 people and about a hundred volunteers who are organised in thematic or territorial areas. These volunteers carry out most of our activities.

We act in coordination with the different Justicia i Pau commissions in Catalonia, as well as with the General Commission of Justicia I Pau of Spain. Also, with the council of Justicia i Pau in Europe.


Institutional information

The legal nature of the entity is that of canon law association of the Archdiocese of Barcelona, registered in the Register of Religious Entities of the Ministry of Justice, registration number 014673, and the NIF R-5800416-1. Our address is 126 Roger de Lluria Street, 3rd floor, first door, 08037 Barcelona.

The entity is governed by its statutes, the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church (1983), the Legal Agreements between the Spanish State and the Holy See and the Organic Law 7/1980, of July 5, of religious freedom, among others.

Its organs are the General Assembly, which is the maximum decision-making body, formed by the entire social base, and the Governing Board, which governs the entity, formed by the presidency, two vice presidents, the secretary and five members. All charges have a term of four years and can be re-elected indefinitely.